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Techies on Toast 1.0

January 25, 2010

Some may say first, some may say inaugural. This week we initiated our monthly Brains on Toast-meets-the-techandcreativetech-department sessions. Each month members of said department come and fill our minds with innovations and excitations from their world which we can hopefully adopt into ours.

First up, Francis and Matt showed us a couple sites which look like they use when in fact they don’t.

They show great potential for some clients who have a Flash limitations for one reason or another. And are definitely worth keeping in mind next time such a brief crops up. DDLP highlighted another example done by an old team-mate, using Javascript behaviours:

Dan Smith and Marlon found inspiration from Flash on the Beach. This vid show the capabilities of using Flash to control audio in a way that’s only usually possible using bespoke audio editing and manipulating programs. Go to 7.42 for a great demo:

Gabor went graffiti with a stunning study of the motion of graffiti. The film  makes it make both more sense and more exciting:

Shared tags, applications and api/docs:

Technical details:

Essentially this is about motion capture. And this video shows its even greater capabilities:

DDLP and Ian brought us the scary history hack:

This enables us to hack a user’s browsing history (I know) and serve them more relevant messages.

Carl and Chris R talked in-depth about the unmined possibilities of Foursquare.

Foursquare is a social location tracking site that allows you to log in to locations and see where your friends have been.

You score points for checking into locations, more for new locations, extra points for adding locations, as well as travel bonus points. You can become the mayor of a location if you have checked into a place more than anyone else, and earn badges for being out at locations for more than four nights a week or holding more than ten mayorships at once.

Foursquare accept ideas for new badges – such as regularly checking into a gym  (gym rat) and city specific badges (New York hot dog stands).

Foursquare usage is growing:

Foursquare have an Android and iPhone app – which puts them ahead of the game as far as Gowalla are concerned.

You can also add a Firefox extension that aloows you to check in via a netbook or laptop using Wifi in a location, so not just for smart phones.

Foursquare have an API, which allowed someone to build an app that meant you could you could use the geo tags in a photo’s exif tags to check in by taking a picture at a location:

Foursquare have libraries for a load of coding languages – Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, so we can expect to see new apps being built:

And has allowed people to build games such as Mob Zombie and an augmented reality for Layar:

Flickr support Foursquare location venues as machine tags:

There are benefits of being Mayor we could take advantage of:

And apps we could use or build, such as a Heatmap of where’ve you been the most in a town:

Or a Google Earth tie in which allows people to import a .kml file and see where they’ve been on a trip:

We could track people logging into O2 shops, or kids checking into school, or reward people that log in to a location with their friends:

“This might be a reward not only for you but for getting your friends to take action as well. E.g. if you check-in at X location you will receive Y reward, however, if you get 10 of your “friends” to check-in at that location you will get YY reward. ”

Comparison with Gowalla:

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